ABEDESIGN – The Brazilian Association of Design – is a business association founded in 2004 with the main objective of the promotion, development and market expansion of design in Brazil as well as internationally and which works in diverse segments: Branding, Graphic Design, Digital Design, Product Design, Packaging Design and Environmental Design. It operates in the promotion of Brazilian and foreign companies and contributes to the continual perfection and growth of the market by providing the exchange of economic and professional activities on a national and international scale.

ABEDESIGN – The Brazilian Association of Design Companies (Associação Brasileira de Empresas de Design) – was founded on February 28, 2005, in Sao Paulo, with the objective of amplifying the design services market, spreading the importance and results which Design brings to Brazilian society, developing the country, and communicating for the market, institutions and the government.
The reasoning which led to a group of companies forming the organization was the perception that all the companies experienced the same obstacles: “a hostile and difficult market, unaccustomed clients, heavy tax loads, and a lack of regulation and business representation.”
Abedesign was formed exclusively for legal entities which have Design projects as their main objective, across all forms of manifestation, including Graphic Design, Product Design, Packaging Design, Web Design, and Digital Design – all areas of contemporaneous Design.
The organization also aimed to be a forum for discussion of issues such as copyright, patents, training young professionals, labor and tax laws, sector regulation, international representation and technical quality.

The first board was composed of Manoel Müller (Müller & Camacho) as president and Giovanni Vannucchi (Oz Design) as vice president. Vincenzo Colonna (Misura Design) was the administrative and financial director. Nelson Graubart (On Art) held the technical board of Graphic and Digital Design, while Industrial Product Design fell to Guto Indio da Costa (Indio da Costa Design). The executive director was Joice Joppert Leal Object (Brazil).
The Advisory Board was formed by the following: Lincoln Seragini (Seragini Farné), John Carlos Cauduro (Cauduro & Martino), Osvaldo Mellone (MHO Design) and David Pond as a substitute.
Renata Mellman (100% Design), Hugo Kovadloff (Gad Design) and Norberto Chamma (Und Design)joined the Supervisory Board. Fabiola Bergamo was an alternate.