By partnering with ApexBrasil, ABEDESIGN performs various actions which aim at promoting Brazilian design both in Brazil and abroad. The 2012-2014 agreement includes the following:

• Participation in the Cannes Lions Festival, the largest event of global creativity through an institutional stand and subsidization of delegates’ registrations;

•Conducting missions, such as those now being undertaken New York and London, where the participant has the opportunity to visit international design agencies, associations, technical visits and important museums in locations connected to design, and the opportunity to conduct business with potential international customers;

• Conducting the Buyer Project, where potential customers have direct contact with international Brazilian design agencies, with the possibility of generating business;

• Conducting the Image Project, where journalists and opinion formers visit Brazil and meet the Brazilian Design agencies, opening the possibility of the dissemination of Brazilian design in the international market.

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If your company is interested in the Internationalization project, and in the export of design services, your company can be part of the Brasil Design Project.
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